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Ep 1: What is my idea of Pakistan?

Touchdown in Islamabad. The team visits the local market and discusses what their idea of Pakistan is.

Ep 2: Can we trust the media?

Turmoil, floods, conflict and cricketing controversy. The team creatively explore these media impressions with Pakistani students.

Ep 3: What does art mean to you?

We visit a truck depot in Rawalpindi to try our hand at truck art and explore the working lives of people in Pakistan.

Ep 4: How do we view our past?

Discovering Pakistan’s Buddhist heritage and the oldest university in the world; how does this rich history relate to the present day?

Ep 5: What does faith mean now?

What’s the difference between faith and religion? The team meet an Islamic scholar and work with Christian and Muslim school pupils to share their thoughts.

Ep 6: How has my city changed?

Rawalpindi has seen a tenfold rise in population since 1960. We visit some of the city’s hidden secrets with local artist, Aasim Akhtar and ask whether all progress is good.

Ep 7: What is life like in a madrassa?

Madrassas have received a lot of bad press. We spend the day at an Islamic school, to see what life is like there.

Ep 8: How can I make a difference?

We visit young people in Pakistan who have set up a school for orphans and street children, and run it themselves. What responsibility do young people have and can small changes make a difference?

Ep 9: What will I do?

The team travels to the mountains of Kashmir to hike and reflect on their journey. They translate their experiences into plans of action for what they want to do on return to the UK.

Ep 10: How has my idea of Pakistan changed?

Does our team still think of cricket, curry and terrorism or have their experiences changed their opinions?

Ep 11: What have I learnt?

The team reflect on what impacted them the most, and look at how this will influence them as they return to the UK.

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